Diary Of A Female Entrepreneur

Dear Diary,

Welcome aboard! I’m so happy you’ve decided to join me on this journey. Let’s get started with some introductions. My name is Anyla Fulton, and if you’ll believe it, I’ve already been hustling as an entrepreneur for three years – since 2019  Seems crazy, right? Before that, though, I spent 16 years on the softball field, and graduated from Agnes Scott College.



I’m the proud owner of the Fulton Fit Academy, and I co-own Atlanta Marketing Minds as well. My guiding principle is “unveiling the journey and making yours easier.” Basically, I want to be a role model for female entrepreneurs. I’m all about motivation, helping you reach your full potential, and learning to go all in, even when things get tough – because let’s face it, entrepreneurship isn’t always sunshine and roses.


Speaking of sunshine, when I’m not building businesses, you can usually find me exploring somewhere new, hitting the hiking trails, or getting my sweat on with a good workout. 




So, diary, that’s a little bit about me. Are you ready to dive into the adventure? Let’s do this!



Until next time keep on building y’all.


Anyla F. <3