Anyla Fulton


Anyla Fulton is an ambitious serial entrepreneur, Agnes Scott college alumna, and current owner of the Fulton Fit Academy and Train the Trainer University. Since 2019, Anyla has been inspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals and dreams through her various businesses.

Beginning with her own health journey, she founded the Fulton Fit Academy, providing in-home and online health coaching to help others reach their fitness goals. She later followed up with Train the Trainer University, the world’s top course for fitness coaches looking to establish and grow their own businesses.

Seeing her success, Anyla’s father approached her to join him at Atlanta Marketing Minds–partnering with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses through SEO marketing techniques.

Anyla’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive have served her well over the past few years, and today she continues to use them to achieve greater heights in business and life. She hopes to inspire others on their own journeys toward success and encourages everyone to unleash their potential.

At the core of it all, Anyla knows that hard work and dedication are key components to achieving success. You can follow her journey on Instagram or check out her website to learn more about the many projects that she is currently working on.

Elevate your business, Elevate your life, Make an Impact.