Becoming The Best Version of You

Every year millions of people make a New Years’ Eve Resolution. Some people may wish to lose weight, quit smoking or even wish to get rid of the toxic people in their life. Did you know over half of those people will never meet their New Year’s Resolution? Now is the time to change for the better and push yourself to become a better you. How you may ask? Here are some ways to give yourself motivation and make yourself better.

How Can I Push Myself?
The first thing you must do is find the problem and realize that it is time for a change. Do you have loved ones who would like to see a better you? Do you wish you didn’t get out of breath going up the stairs? Even if it’s taking baby steps all at once, it is still a big achievement. Surround yourself with positive energy and positive people who encourage you to become better yourself.

Why Is Now The Time To Become A Better Me?
Becoming a better person doesn’t only benefit yourself, but also others who are around you. Whether it is helping around your house, simply opening the door for a stranger or even volunteer work can benefit everyone. Life is short and to keep putting off your goals will only encourage your bad habits and bad behavior.

What Are Ways I Can Help Myself?
Helping yourself doesn’t have to be hard. Something as simple as giving yourself a small compliment can boost your self-esteem. Being honest and helpful can help you take a big step toward being a better you. The biggest rule in helping yourself is always being yourself. Do not be ashamed to be who you are and hold your head up with positive thoughts and a smile.

How Can I Make Sure I Don’t Fail?
Life is all about trial and error. If one thing works for someone else, it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Surrounding yourself with others who are going through similar problems and spending time with loved ones can help motivate and push you. Self-care is also very important, so make sure you take time for yourself whether it’s a simple warm bath or a small treat. Confidence can be a big role in making sure you push yourself on even when you fail. Instead of looking at the negatives, look for the positives in every situation.

It can be hard to try to become a better you, but it always pays off in the long run. You will be a happier and healthier you and others will take notice! Push yourself and have confidence! You got this.

How do you plan to acquire success?

There are numerous individuals who want to be successful in life, but how many of these individuals truly know what success is? A lot of us tend to forget that we must pause and figure out what it means to be successful in our own lives. There are a plethora of versions of success, but it is crucial that you sit back and determine which version best applies to yourself.

 “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” -Jim Rohn

In order for us to discover success, we first must understand what success is not. In today’s society, when we think about “success”, illustrations of people such as: Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Oprah, and Tom Brady often come to mind. No, I am not saying this is wrong, but these individuals only display one version of success. 

If you have not yet realized, society’s view on the topic of “success” is extremely narrow. Everyone has become brainwashed to believe that being an outstanding professional athlete, becoming a well-paid and well-known celebrity, or simply having a large social fanbase is SUCCESS. Despite these perspectives, I am here to tell you that this social conformation does not depict the true meaning of success. Success is what you make it out to be, in the way in which it pertains to your lifestyle or the lifestyle that you aspire to live. No one can tell you what it means to “live YOUR best life”.

“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” – Tony Hsieh

Growing up, you learn from teachers, parents and mentors that there are multiple versions of success.  So finally, what is success? 

Now, of course, I am unable to give you an actual definition of success because as I previously stated, life is what you make it, not what someone else tells you to make it out to be. 

In order to be successful, we must set personal goals (the object of a person’s ambition or effort). Everyone’s goals in life are going to be different, just as it should be, because the likings and happiness of one individual is not going to be the same as the next individual. Our personal goals cannot be duplicated. 

Your path to success will begin when you find out what is stopping you from leading the successful life you deserve. 

Ask yourself:

  1. Who or what would I be if I knew I could not fail?
  2. What do I value the most?
  3. What makes me genuinely happy?
  4. If I had a never ending supply of money, how would I live my life differently?
  5. What lifestyle do I want in the future?
  6. What legacy do I want to leave?

Once you are able to answer these questions honestly about yourself, you will truly understand which version of success aligns best with your personality and values, along with the lifestyle that you want to live; you will be able to define success for yourself. You will begin pursuing what you are passionate about, without looking at things from a materialistic point of view. Success is more of the process, than it is the results. We may reach one goal in life, but we cannot stop there. We must continue to strive for more. If we choose not to strive for more, we must still work diligently because if not, we will lose what we worked for quicker than we earned it.

Therefore, do not try to duplicate the success of Beyonce, Michael Jordan, Oprah, or any other individual you admire with money, power, and fame. Instead, create your own happiness because that is the only way that you will truly find YOUR “why” in life.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

What is your definition of success? What is your “why”? (Hyperlink)

Dieting Versus Lifestyle Changes: Making a Long-Term Impact

Many people want to lose weight or improve their health in other ways. When this happens, they often turn to diets, exercise programs, or similar areas to help them achieve their goals. It’s often a disappointment to find that while they had drive and motivation, they ended up in the same place they were before.

This has led many people to look for another option. Lifestyle change is a popular phrase that’s being used in magazines, television, and other areas. The reason for this is that multiple studies have shown that long-term weight loss is the result of healthy lifestyle changes.

What is a Lifestyle Change?

Studies that have looked at long-term success with weight loss found that people who maintained their weight have made true lifestyle changes. This is the key to success, rather than sticking with the latest fad diet. What makes this different from a diet though? There are a few key characteristics

  • Lifestyle changes aren’t temporary. If you follow a specific dietary plan for a month and then go back to your old eating habits, then you’re really not making any lifestyle changes. Instead of a short-term plan, lifestyle changes involve making healthy habits a normal part of your lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle changes are about balance. Any area of self-improvement notes that discovering balance in your life is the key to making long-term changes work for you. Without having this balance, you can end up feeling deprived and overwhelmed. This means that while you’re focused on making healthy choices the majority of the time, you also have the space for some indulgence in your life. This is in contrast to diets which can be restrictive with minimal “cheats.”
  • Lifestyle changes will become a part of your routine. In the beginning, you’ll probably have to put some effort into changing the way that you live, exercise, or eat. However, as you focus on ways to incorporate these habits into your schedule, you’ll find that they do become habits over time. For example, if you make walking every morning a habit, soon you’ll find that you end up missing that when you’re not able to do it daily.
  • Lifestyle changes must be things that you can do on your own. Diets are all about following a plan that’s already been set for you. This is only a temporary fix and following that for a long time would be difficult due to a loss of personal preferences and choices. Figuring out how to incorporate healthy habits into your own schedule is the more realistic option.

The Problem with Diets

What often makes people confused when distinguishing between these two areas is that they seem to have the same goal. They often do but diets have been shown to be temporary and usually don’t lead to long-term success. Consider some of the popular diets that are encouraged today such as the ketogenic diet. People will find that they lose weight in the short-term which is encouraging to them. However, this diet was extremely hard to follow over time, which led to people going back to their original dietary habits. This often then leads to their regaining all the weight that they originally lost and sometimes even more.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Keep in mind that you don’t have to ignore all of the diet-related advice provided. Some diets emphasize including more plant-based foods into your diet and others have good advice as well. The key to making these changes work is that you have to believe that you can incorporate the changes into your own schedule and follow those changes in the long-term.

Finally, lifestyle changes usually are more of a gradual process than a rapid one. It’s a good idea to start by making one or two changes at a time and then focusing on those for a month until they become a habit. Making these slow but effective changes over time will lead to long-term success. If you’re tired of trying to work on self-improvement and failing every time, then it’s time to start focusing on lifestyle changes rather than the latest diet plan. This overview provides a great reason why diets are probably not the best option for you and providing one that will be.

What is a HIIT workout?

     HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is an intense form of workout that builds on both the strength and endurance of your body. These exercises are done only in short repititions and the reason for this is to make the best of athletic performance. HIIT is a known way of exercise if you aspire to lose weight immediately. Known as a combination of both cardio and muscle endurance, HIIT focuses more on cardio which is why you normally feel out of breath upon doing these exercises. There are various benefits of doing HIIT, which will be mentioned in the following:

HIIT as a effective fat-burner

Cardio exercises are known to burn fat in the most efficient manner, compared to strength exercises. Since this is an intense variety of cardio, HIIT is guaranteed to burn down even the most stubborn fat in your body.

HIIT as an appetite regulator

Whether you’re overeating or you’re losing the apetite to eat, HIIT is the perfect way to stabilize your appetite once again. HIIT decreases the hormone that regulates appetite that reduces and stabilized your appetite. HIIT is also known to increase blood sugar levels and lactate, which are both contributing factors to your appetite.

HIIT as a more efficient cardio exercise

Compared to running on a treadmill, HIIT is a more effective and efficient form of cardio workout. Since this also improves your muscle endurance, HIIT isn’t entirely focused on just cardio. Asides from this, HIIT is also a time-efficient exercise since the intensity of the exercises makes up for the time you would have spend on running.

HIIT increases oxygen levels

As with any exercise, oxygen levels are important in workouts. HIIT, in specific, increases your VO2maxthe rate the oxygen in your body could absorb in a minute. Basically, the more VO2max your body has, the better your athletic performance is and the better endurance you have in your exercises. Lastly, VO2max also improves your overall health.

HIIT versus strength training

Compared to doing strength training alone, HIIT will help you lose weight at a much faster rate. In doing muscle strength exercises, this focuses primarily on toning your muscles and getting the shape you aspire for. HIIT also includes something known as the afterburn, which boosts your overall metabolism that leads to a burn in the calories in your body. Strength training would also not be able to target the cardiovascular aspect of your body. HIIT specifically accelerated fat loss in a way that strength training doesn’t.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to doing HIIT. You’ll also find HIIT training convenient if you’re struggling finding time to workout within the busyness of your schedule as it’s known as a time-efficient training. Asides from being good for the heart, HIIT will give you the endurance that you seek and you’ll feel much stronger than before you did HIIT training. As the fastest way to lose body fat, HIIT training is still proven as the best kind of training to start with before building on your muscle strength.

Why Fitness and Health are essential to you.

There are various of reasons why health and fitness should be one of your top priorities. By not taking good care of your health, you could constantly be getting sick and paying unnecessary doctor consultations because of your reduced immune system. Fitness doesn’t just have to do with how you look and achieving your body goal, but it’s so much more than that. Fitness and health are connected and by taking good care of yourself, you could potentially live a long and healthy life. In this article, we’ll be discussing exactly why you should take care of your health and overall well-being.

1. You live a happier life

Fitness and health are both connected so when you’re physically fit, it’s only natural that your health is being taken care of. When you take good care of yourself, this ensures that you live a happier life. Regular exercise is proven to give off endorphins in your body, which is responsible for making you feel good. When you take good care of your health with regular exercise and a healthy diet, this improves your mood and reduces your chances of having stress, depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses. Fitness is how you take good care of your body, and it isn’t just reaching your body goal. Fitness, unlike the misconception, isn’t focused on muscle growth or weight loss. These aspects may be a part of it, but the end goal is your health and your strength. When you’re fit, it’s only natural that you become strong enough to resist certain sicknesses and diseases.

2. Your heart becomes healthy

Asides from your mood, fitness is also proven to do wonders for your heart. No matter what exercise you do, whether it’s strength or cardio, both of these are advantageous to your heart. By refusing to exercise, your heart is in danger and is more at risk to cardiovascular diseases. Not only does being fit keeps your blood pressure stable, but it reduces your chances of heart strokes and other diseases. As you’re aging, you will be prone to getting sick if you don’t take good care of your body.

3. You don’t become overweight

When you live a fit and healthy life, you won’t have to worry about being overweight and the risk it includes. When you’re overweight, you’re prone to various diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and even cancer. Being overweight means you don’t regularly exercise and take good care of your diet and your health. In return, you open yourself to many health-related risks, and this affects even your physical appearance. When you’re overweight, you might get insecure about yourself and have a lower self-esteem.

4. Stronger bones and muscles

With a fit and healthy lifestyle, you have stronger bones and you’re less prone to arthritis, back pain and any muscle injury. Exercise makes your endurance stronger so that it isn’t as fragile compared to when you don’t exercise regularly. If you have particularly stiff muscles, a fitness-focused lifestyle helps your body with endurance and strength. In addition, you wouldn’t feel as tired when walking- or running- for a long period of time. As exercise strengthens your bones and muscles, you realize that you feel stronger and much healthier prior to a life without physical activity.

5. You have a healthier skin
Since you’re taking extra good care of both your health and your diet, it’s only natural that this will reflect in your skin. When you’re taking proper care of your health and you ensure that your diet comprises of a healthy balance of all the food groups, your skin will naturally glow and radiate from inside out, compared to when you didn’t care on what you eat as long as it tastes good to you.

In conclusion, these are 5 ways on how living a life full of fitness and health will change your life for the better. You may think that fitness is all about physical appearance, but it’s really not. Fitness has more to do with your health- physical, mental and emotional. When you’re healthy, you don’t just avoid getting sick, but you maintain a good mental health which is important for having a happy and fulfilling life.